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Highlighted Blog Posts – Fall 2020

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Instructor Guides – Complete List


Start here:

Vanderbilt University resources on Accessibility

Accessibility in Brightspace

Course Navigation

Course Management



Organizing Content


Creating Assignments in the New User Experience (effective June 2020)

Creating Assignments in the Old User Experience

Grading Assignments

TurnitIn – Mark-up grading and Plagiarism detection

Tests, Quizzes, and Surveys


Creating a Quiz

Grading a Quiz

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Lockdown Browser is a tool to facilitate online test-taking in a more secure environment. The company that provides the tool offers webinars to train faculty in using the Lockdown Browser. You can find their schedule here.



Grades / Rubrics

Groups & Discussions

Creating and Using Video on Brightspace

An Introduction to Media on Brightspace – the Kaltura app

Uploading video files to Kaltura

Creating a Kaltura video for your course using Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Video Quizzes

Sharing Kaltura Videos

Using YouTube videos in your course

Embed videos that you have stored in Vanderbilt Box

Video Conferencing: Zoom and Virtual Classrooms

Creating a Zoom Meeting in your course for live remote class meetings

Creating a Virtual Classroom in your course for live remote class meetings

Pulse Mobile App

Archived Video Workshops