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Welcome to the Online Course Development Resources Site from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching

The resources in this site will walk you through the online course development process drawing on research, best practices, and existing resources from around the web and from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching (CFT) and Brightspace Support at the CFT. 


The infographic on the right gives an overview of the online course development process, each step of which will be covered in more detail in the pages that follow. For various reasons outside of your immediate control, you may find yourself on a much more abbreviated timeline or doing the steps of course development in a different order. You may even be teaching the course as you build it! Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the recommendations we give to the reality of your timeline. 

There are two ways to engage with this site:

  1. Self-Paced Course. Start by clicking on Part 1 below. Then move through the CDR site by clicking the link to the next section at the bottom of each page. This will walk you through the course development process and provide you with information on a range of tools commonly used to teach online.
  2. On-Demand Resource. When you have questions on specific topics, you can visit the menus at the top of any page to choose the specific section you need.
Begin by clicking one of the modules below.











For more resources on online teaching and course development, visit the CFT’s Adaptive Teaching Resources Overview.