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How can I record and share my class meetings with my students?

There are several ways to record class meetings, and you will need to find the one that works best for your circumstances. 

Recording on Zoom

If you are using Zoom to conduct online class meetings, there are two ways to record. You can record on your local device and then share by uploading the videos to My Media in Brightspace. Or you can record in the cloud. Recording to the cloud is explained in this guide. These cloud recordings will be available for students to view through the end of the semester. However, cloud recordings are not available indefinitely, and you should not plan on retaining those videos for more than a year. 

⇒Because we have a limited amount of cloud recording storage, we strongly encourage faculty to delete any cloud recordings from their account at the end of every semester. You can do so by going to, sign on using your Vanderbilt single sign-on, then navigating to the tab on the left called “Recordings”. 


Recording on Virtual Classroom

If you are using the built-in Virtual Classroom in Brightspace to conduct online class meetings, you can find directions for recording here.

⇒Please note that recorded Virtual Classroom meetings are available only within the course they were created, cannot be downloaded or edited, and are retained for only 14 days.


Recording on Another Video Conferencing Tool

If you are using some other tool for online meetings or do not want to use the built-in recording tools, you can always screen record your class meeting using Kaltura My Media. The My Media tool has a built-in Capture feature that will record the audio and video for anything you display on your screen. It also allows you to record yourself using a webcam or just a microphone. Here are instructions for using the Kaltura Capture tool. Anything you capture with Kaltura will be available on Kaltura and easily shareable until you delete it.