Together, we shape the future of education.

The Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education (AdvancED) leads cutting-edge, research-backed innovations in pedagogy and student experience. Drawing on the talent, resources, and expertise of the Center for Teaching and Office of Digital Education, AdvancED exists to support and propel Vanderbilt’s faculty to design and lead world-class learning experiences.

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Supporting Discovery in Teaching and Learning

Whether you teach in person, hybrid or online, AdvancED provides consulting and technological support to help you pursue pedagogical excellence at every career stage, design student-centric experiences that transform learning in any context, and innovate best practices that encourage discovery.

The Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education provides highly collaborative support in three key areas.

  • Digital & Lifelong Learning

    Open your expertise to the world. AdvancED will help you design and implement high-impact educational experiences that reach students in every location and stage of learning.

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  • Educational Technology

    From deploying technology in the classroom to understanding the latest developments in AI, AdvancED provides expertise to help you design innovative, tech-enabled learning experiences. 

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  • Teaching & Learning Support

    The classroom is core to Vanderbilt’s mission of discovery. AdvancED will help you hone your expertise to the learning styles of your students and maximize the impact of your teaching.

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Imagine What's Possible.

Whether you’re looking to try something new, wanting to better connect with your students or need to develop your curriculum for hybrid or online environments, AdvancED’s team of skilled practitioners is ready to support your next step.

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Engage with our dynamic community at AdvancED! If you have a compelling story or upcoming event you'd like to highlight, we're here to support you. Our dedicated team is committed to amplifying your message and championing groundbreaking, research-driven innovations to elevate training and development initiatives.