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Editing Quiz questions after the Quiz has taken place

Brightspace allows you to edit a quiz after it has occurred, and then to re-grade the quiz. This can be helpful in a couple different scenarios:

  • Changing the correct answer(s)
  • Giving every student the same (or zero) points

It is important to follow these instructions, rather than editing the questions from the Edit screen or deleting questions altogether. If you have questions about regrading a quiz as described below, please reach out to support and we can help you through the process.


Updated Fall 2021
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 Edit and Re-grade a Quiz

Some information in these images has been blurred intentionally.

  1. Go to the Grade area of your quiz (not the Edit area).
  2. Go to the Questions tab, and select Update All Attempts.
  3. Click on the question you want to edit. Here you have the option to assign all students the same point value, or to edit what is the correct answer.
  4. Be sure to click Save when you are finished. This will apply your changes to the quiz and update all quiz attempts thus far. You will see a confirmation screen after saving, that details all the changes that were made. Once you are finished viewing the confirmation screen, click Go Back to Questions.

Note: If you’ve made an adjustment to a quiz question, that will be noted when you are grading. It will show which students have answered the edited question and which has answered the old version of the question.