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How can I add users to my course?

Typically the enrollment of users in courses is handled automatically via integrations with Brightspace and YES. However, on occasion the instructor will need to manually enroll users (guests, instructors, designers, subject librarians). This tutorial shows how to manually enroll a user into a course or organization.

To enroll Teaching Assistants, Students, or Formal Auditors,

please email (Registrar).

For a printable & shareable PDF version of this resource, click here.

1) Click the Classlist link in the navbar.


2) Click Add Participants, then click Add existing users.



3) Search for the user by either the Last Name, First Name, Email, or VUnetID (Org Defined ID).


4) Select the box next the user’s name, Select a role for the user, then click Enroll Selected Users.



5) Click Done, or choose to Add More Participants.