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How do I import a custom grade scheme that I’ve created?

If you have created a custom grade scheme in one course, you are able to import that scheme to another course. This is not the same process as importing other components of Brightspace, so we will outline the steps below.


 How to import a custom grade scheme into your course

1) Go into your current course. Course Admin -> Grades -> Schemes
Click on More Actions and select Copy
2) Locate and select the desired custom scheme from your previous course.  In this example it’s named “Custom Letter”.
Click Copy at the bottom.



Step 3)

Now you have a “copy” on your list of available schemes.
You can click on this to edit and/or rename.



Step 4)

Make edits to the name or the grade scheme. Click Save and Close when you are finished.
This scheme is now available to apply to your grade categories and items in the current course.