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How do I use a rubric in TurnitIn Feedback Studio?

There may be times when you wish to grade essays through the TurnitIn Feedback Studio by using a rubric. Creating a rubric in Brightspace will not transfer into TurnitIn. You will have to create a rubric separately in the TurnitIn Feedback Studio. Here are instructions on how to do that.

Creating the Rubric in TurnitIn

1) Go into your assignment to edit
Go to the TurnitIn tab
Click on More Options in TurnitIn




2) A TurnitIn popup window will open
Click on Optional Settings
Check the box for Attach a Rubric
Click on Launch Rubric Manager




3) A rubric popup window will open

From the top-left dropdown menu, choose Create a New Rubric
This will open a familiar looking array where you can paste the info from your rubric, or write it from scratch.



Be sure to click Save when you are finished