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Getting Started with Video Assignments/Bongo Instructor Version

The Video Assignments tool in Brightspace can be accessed through the Content area by clicking on Existing Activities, and then scrolling down to Video Assignments. The Video Assignments tool allows instructors to create individual video-based submissions and peer review assignments for students and can even connect those activities to Grades. 

To get started with Video Assignments, go to the content area of your course and then create a new module or go into an existing module. At the top of the module page, click Existing Activities and then scroll down to Video Assignments. 

When you click the blue person icon, you will be directed to the form to create a new individual assignment. Note that several other icons in this section are greyed out because they are not included with the Standard Brightspace version of this tool.

You can adjust the evaluation type; the default is set to Percentage, which allows instructors to give a numerical grade out of 100 for the assignment. However, keep in mind that these grades will be automatically ported over to the Grades area in Brightspace where you can add feedback, rubrics, and use all of the other tools available through Brightspace Grades. 

You will be prompted to give instructions for the assignment via video and/or text.  

Also, you can turn on or turn off Peer Review, which allows students to comment on each other’s videos. 

Once your assignment has been created, you will need to direct your students to the content area of your course so that they can view and submit to the video assignment. Your students will see the assignment like this: