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How to Implement the Respondus LockDown Browser During a Quiz

Brightspace offers a tool called Respondus, that will open up a new browser for students during a quiz. This is called a “Lock Down” browser, because it will essentially lock down their computer until the quiz is finished. Students will be unable to open a website, use a calculator, open files, or virtually anything. However, it is possible to manually allow students to use a calculator or view a website during the quiz if you wish.

Please note that the first time your students use Respondus, they will need to download the tool. You should allow time for this, especially if it is the first quiz of a semester and/or you are working with students new to Brightspace.


Setting up the Respondus LockDown Browser

1) Once you have created a quiz, go into Activities & Assessments and choose Quizzes. Click on the LockDown Browser tab.

In this view you will see your quizzes listed, and whether you have activated LockDown Browser (to the right).


2) Click on the menu icon to the left of the desired quiz and select Modify Settings.


3) Select Require LockDown Browser for this exam. Once you have made this selection you will be given options to change Password Settings and Advanced Settings.


4) Make your selections and click Save and Close.

5) Go into edit mode of the same quiz and click on the Restrictions tab. You should see your changes reflected here.

Please note these options are greyed out in the quiz edit view. You must change them as you did in steps 1-4 of this guide.