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How do I edit the homepage for my course?

The course homepage for your course is the landing page when students access the course. You can add various widgets, such as calendar, tasks, etc. to the homepage. This is a quick process.

First log in to Brightspace and enter the course.

1) In the NavBar, click Course Admin.

2) Under Site Setup, click Homepages.


3) Find the existing Course Homepage and select Copy.


4) Now select Course Homepage – Copy by clicking on it.

5) Under Widgets, click Add Widgets to add the appropriate widgets to your homepage. Note, more than one widget can be added to one panel of the home page. If you would like to include an image as a banner see the how-to entitled “How do I create a banner for the course homepage?

6) Click Save & Close.

7) After you’ve saved your new homepage, be sure to set it as the active page.