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Edit the Brightspace course homepage

The course homepage for your course is the landing page when students access the course. You can add various widgets, such as calendar, tasks, etc. to the homepage. You can also add widgets to external resources such as Macmillan, McGraw Hill Connect, Pearson MyLab, and more.

This guide also details how to change the theme colors of your course, with examples below.


Updated Summer 2020
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Edit the Homepage layout and add/delete Widgets

  1. In the NavBar, click Course Admin.
  2. Under Site Setup, click Homepages.
  3. Find the existing Course Homepage and select Copy.
  4. Now select Course Homepage – Copy by clicking on it.
  5. Under Widgets, click Add Widgets to add the appropriate widgets to your homepage. Note, more than one widget can be added to one panel of the home page. You can also Change the Layout, and Delete widgets by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the widget.
  6. Click Save & Close.
  7. After you’ve saved your new homepage, be sure to set it as the active page.

Change the Theme Colors of the Course

A few examples of Theme Colors:




  1. Go to Course Admin -> Navigation and Themes
  2. Click on the Theme tab, and make a copy of your current Course Theme
  3. Click on your course copy to open the Edit window. Under Primary Color and Accent Color, choose the colors you would like. Be sure to select Dark or Light foreground to determine whether the text will be black or white.

Note: If your color contrast does not meet accessibility standards, you will see a message that says “WCAG AA standards not met.” If this happens you must make your color lighter or darker to accommodate users with visual impairments.

  1. Be sure to click Save and Close.
  2. Activate your new theme by going to Course Admin -> Navigation and Themes -> NavBars tab and click on your active NavBar.
  3. On your NavBar’s edit window, click Change Theme and select the theme you just created.
  4. Click Save and Close. You should see your new colors now:



Updated Summer 2020 by Erica Brandon