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How do I create modules and add content to them?

You must create a module before you can add topics (content items). You can create sub-modules (modules within existing modules) to establish a deeper hierarchy. Once you create modules, populate them with topics. You can drag and drop files from your computer into a module, or you can select from the Content tool’s New and Add Activities buttons to create new topics or add existing course objects.

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Creating Modules and Adding Content 

1. Click on the Content tab in your NavBar.


2. Under Table of Contents, enter a module name in the Add a Module field found at the bottom. Hit Enter/Return when you’re done to create the module.


3. Drag the reorder icon to the left of the module title to move them up or down the list. reodericon

4. To add content items to the module, click Upload/Create and select the item, or drag and drop content into the module.