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Associating a Quiz with the Gradebook

You can associate your Quiz with your gradebook by either creating a Grade Item with the same name, or linking to an existing grade item. You can create the Grade Item ahead of time in your gradebook by following these instructions, or you can create the grade item while you are creating your quiz (below).

Note: These instructions use the new Brightspace Quiz Experience introduced in Fall 2022.


Updated Fall 2023

Link a Quiz to the Gradebook

  1. Go to Activities & Assessments -> Quizzes -> and then click on the dropdown icon next to your quiz. Select Edit.
  2. Now that you are in Quiz edit mode, see the options below the quiz name. Here you can set how many points to grade out of, determine whether the quiz will be in the grade book, and set a due date (optional).
  3. If you want to link the quiz to the grade book, it will need a corresponding Grade Item. Select Not in Grade Book. That will give you the option to Add to Grade Book or Edit or Link to Existing. Choosing Add to Grade Book will automatically create a new grade item of the same name as your quiz. Choosing Edit or Link to Existing gives you options of either creating a new grade item or linking the quiz to an already existing grade item. 

    • If you choose to Choosing Edit or Link to Existing, then you’ll have two additional options. If you choose the first option to “Create and link to a new grade item”, then Brightspace will create a new grade item with the same name as your quiz. You’ll also have the options to list that new grade item under an existing Grade Category and to set your desired Grade Scheme.
    • If you choose to “Link to an existing grade item”, you’ll then be able to select from a list of available grade items that you can link to. If you do not see your desired grade item listed here, then it means that grade item either does not exist or is linked to another activity. 
  4. Click OK to close the window, then Save or Save and Close to save your changes to the quiz.