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How to Use the Question Library

In this guide you’ll learn about how the Question Library is organized. You’ll see how to import your quiz questions to the question library. You’ll also see how to create questions within the library


Go to the Quizzes area in Brightspace, found under the Activities and Assessments tab. Near the top of this page you’ll see four tabs. Click the tab labelled Question Library.


From here you can organize your question library into SectionsCreate Questions, and Import questions from a quiz you’ve already created.


Organizing the Question Library into Sections

The Question Library is a repository of questions you have created. You can create Sections (folders) to keep these questions organized in folders. You do this by clicking New and selecting Section. This example shows a question library with many sections.




How to Import Your Quiz Questions to the Question Library

1) You must have already created a quiz to do this. Go to the Question Library and click Import, then select Browse Existing Questions. Select the desired Quiz.



2) Next you will select Collection Root.



3) You will see all the questions populated in your library now.