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How do I use Kaltura Capture in Kaltura?

Kaltura has developed its own screen capture tool to replace CaptureSpace Lite.  This guide will quickly show you how to access and use this tool.

STEP 1: Once logged in to Brightspace, click My Media in the NavBar.

STEP 2: Click the Add New button and then click Kaltura Capture in the dropdown menu.

STEP 3: In order to use Kaltura Capture, you must download it first.  Select the correct download option for your computer.

STEP 4: Once downloaded and opened, you will see the Kaltura Capture toolbar.  You will see a few buttons in the toolbar: record, visual input 1, visual input 2, and audio input.  These inputs are what will be recorded when you click the red button.

STEP 5: If there is an input that you do not want to record, you can turn it off by clicking the appropriate icon.  You will know it is turned off when you see it turn grey and have a line through it.

STEP 6: If you have more than one screen that you want to record, you can change one of your inputs from Webcam to the other monitor.  You can do this by clicking the down arrow next to the appropriate icon and selecting your input.

STEP 7: Once you have your input settings the way you want them, click the red record button.  When you do so, you will see a circle appear that will count down from 3.

STEP 8: During your recording, you will see a new toolbar appear.  This toolbar allows you to control your recording while it is in progress.  There are buttons in the toolbar that give you the ability to stop, pause the recording in progress (the red button), and cancel (the X button).  Additionally, there is a pencil icon that allows you to draw on the screen and will record your screen clicks with a yellow dot.

STEP 9: Clicking on the pencil icon will open a tool bar of additional options specific to adding items on your screen.  Selecting the pencil allows you to draw on your screen.  The arrow icon allows you to place arrows on the screen, the “T” icon allows you to add text, the cursor icon allows you to click on screen items (like normal), and the four point arrow icon allows you to move any item you have drawn, or placed on the screen to a new place on the screen.  The trash can allows you to delete anything you have placed on the screen and you also have the ability to change the color of your screen items and the width of your drawing lines.

STEP 10: When you have completed your recording, click the Stop button.  You will then be asked if you are sure that you want to stop.

STEP 11: After confirming that you want to stop your recording, a save screen will appear.  On this screen, you can name your recording and add other optional information like a description and/or tags.  Once you have this information entered, click Save & Upload.

STEP 12: You will then see an upload progress bar appear next to your video.

STEP 13: After your upload is completed, you can then refresh your My Media area and see your new video.

STEP 14: If you click on your recording, it will open in a media player.  There are several views you can toggle between in real time inside this player.  The first button allows you to swap the screen in the picture-in-picture view.

STEP 15: Clicking the second button gives you the option to toggle between picture-in-picture view, single-screen view, and side-by-side view.

Brightspace support is always here to help.  If you require any assistance when using the Kaltura Capture tool, please contact us at, or 615-322-0200.