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Spotlight on Inclusive Teaching

Learn about how Vanderbilt’s Student Access Services can assist students on campus and in the classroom

This is a collection of guides that focus on tools available to you in Brightspace that are especially focused on inclusive teaching.

Additional resources:

  • Webpage AccessibilityFamiliarize yourself with ways to make your Brightspace course web accessible, from Vanderbilt’s Student Access Services
  • D2L Resource LibraryA collection of webinars, eBooks, and testimonials from D2L

Created Spring 2022

Instructional Guides for Inclusive Teaching in Brightspace

  1. How do I use the Accessibility Checker to make sure my content is accessible? Learn how to check your color contrast (colored text on colored background), and image tagging by using the Accessibility Checker
  2. How do I provide extra quiz time to a student with accommodations? Add extra minutes to a specific students’ quiz time allotment
  3. How do I share my pronouns with people in my classes? Brightspace allows users to add pronouns to their Brightspace profile. Learn how with this guide.
  4. How do I add NameCoach to my course?  NameCoach is a tool that allows students to share the pronunciation of their name in Brightspace.
  5. How do I give select students a different due date (special access)? Learn how to give a specific student a different due date on an assignment or quiz.
  6. How do I Provide Special Access for Select Students? Special access allows many different types of accommodations for quizzes and assignments. Learn more here
  7. How do I add and edit captions in a Kaltura video? Learn how to auto-caption and edit captions on the videos uploaded to your Kaltura Media Gallery or My Media
  8. How do I enable Live Transcriptions for my Zoom meeting? If needed, Zoom meetings can provide live transcriptions. This guide explains how to set that up


More about Accessibility

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