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Integrated Edu Tools in Brightspace

Brightspace offers many different tools for education integrated into the platform, so feel free to explore those we have available below.  Inquiries regarding new integrations should be directed to the Brightspace team at


Digital Social Reading Tools

Digital Social Reading is the process of allowing books to become a collaborative space by letting students comment and hold discussion in the digital margins. This can be a great way to get students more involved in readings!

Check out our guide on different ways to include digital social reading in your teaching!

  • eCommaa free, open source tool for Digital Social Reading. This tool is best suited for shorter texts
  • Perusall $ – a tool for digital social reading which caters both to short and longer texts. Perusall can be used with entire books, and students only pay the price of the digital text
Interactive Quizzing Tools

Interactive Quizzing includes everything from videos with integrated quizzes to quizzing tools for immediate feedback from students in the classroom.

Take a look at our guide on interactive quizzing for classroom engagement!

  • EdPuzzle $ – allows instructors to create video lessons with integrated quizzes for students using videos from Youtube, Kahn Academy, and other resources
  • Kaltura Quizzeshelps instructors create video lessons with integrated quizzes utilizing videos they’ve uploaded into their Brightspace Media Gallery
  • TopHatutilizes student devices to allow them to provide real time evidence of understanding and feedback
Peer Evaluation Tools
  • Peerceptiv $ – an assessment tool allowing students to offer feedback to their peers and evaluate the feedback they’ve received
Media Tools
  • Kaltura – allows students and instructors to upload media into Brightspace for use anywhere the ‘Insert Stuff’ function is available
Academic Integrity Tools
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser – a browser specifically designed for use during online quizzes which prevents students from accessing outside resources on their computers
  • Turnitin – a tool for plagiarism detection which integrates directly into Brightspace assignments. This tool can also be used on an as needed basis by contacting the Brightspace team for access
Video Conferencing Tools
  • Virtual Classroom – a tool integrated with Brightspace which creates a virtual classroom space for remote learning

$ – Designates a tool with associated costs