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How can I add captions to my Kaltura video?

Kaltura gives users the ability to add captions to their Kaltura videos.  Below is a basic guide for this process.

STEP 1: Once inside of Brightspace, click on My Media in the NavBar.

STEP 2: Click on the video you want to caption.

STEP 3: Click ACTIONS and then + Captions Requests.

STEP 4: Select the language for the captions.  Then, click Submit.

STEP 5: The information for the requested captions will then appear.  The status of the submission will initially say Pending.  To view more detail, click on the caption request itself.

STEP 6: Turnaround time information is then visible.

STEP 7: After the captions have processed, the status of the caption request will change to Completed.  To view the caption text, click the Show transcript link.

STEP 8: The caption text is then visible.

STEP 9: To turn on captions while the video plays, click the CC button and select the language.

STEP 10: The captions will then appear on the screen.