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How can I add captions to my Kaltura video?

Kaltura gives users the ability to add captions to their Kaltura videos.  Below is a basic guide for this process.

Please note: Kaltura’s generated captions are ~80% accurate and will likely need to be edited to ensure complete accuracy. Please refer to our guide on editing Kaltura captions for more information on the editing process. 


Updated Spring 2020

Adding captions to Kaltura 

1.)Once inside of Brightspace, click on My Media in the NavBar.


2.) Click on the video you want to caption.


3.) Click ACTIONS and then + Captions Requests.


4.) Select the language for the captions.  Then, click Submit.


5.) The information for the requested captions will then appear.  The status of the submission will initially say Pending.  To view more detail, click on the caption request itself.


6.) Turnaround time information is then visible.


7.) After the captions have processed, the status of the caption request will change to Completed.  To view the caption text, click the Show transcript link.


8.) The caption text is then visible.


9.) To turn on captions while the video plays, click the CC button and select the language.


10.) The captions will then appear on the screen.