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How can I create a video quiz using a video in My Media?

Using Kaltura, you can create quizzes built into your asynchronous video content. These quizzes can contain questions in multiple choice, true/false, and short answer formats, and in addition you can include reflection points to clarify content for your students as they watch. This guide will review the process of creating video quizzes from an existing video in My Media. Once you’ve created your video quiz, you can refer to our guides on linking your quiz to a course’s gradebook and viewing student responses to video quizzes for additional information. 

Creating Video Quizzes

1.) From the homepage of Brightspace, select My Media

2.) Find the video you would like to turn into a quiz, then select the pencil icon to the right of the video name

3.) Select Launch Editor to open Kaltura’s video editor

4.) Select the cube icon from the navigation menu on the left hand side

5.) Choose Start to begin creating your video quiz

6.) Select the DetailsScores, and Experience options from the quiz menu to customize your quiz settings

7.) Navigate to the point in the video where you’d like to insert your quiz question or reflection point using the bar along the bottom of the editor, then select Add a Question

8.) Create your question, then repeat step 8 until you’ve added all necessary questions and reflection points

9.) Select Done to save your quiz