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Using Special Access to set up differing times by Section or Group

If you have multiple sections in a course, you may want to release content at different times. You can do this with the Special Access tool under the Restrictions tab when you’re editing. In this example, Special Access is being used for a quiz assigning different times to each course sections. The same instructions would work for Groups that you have already created. Learn more about Groups here.

Note that these instructions for Special Access are applicable in many areas of Brightspace, and not only in the Quiz tool.

Created August 2021
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 Set up Special Access for a Section or Group

Getting to Special Access:
  1. Get into the Edit screen for your quiz
  2. Go to the Restrictions tab
  3. Go to Special Access at the bottom
  4. Select “Allow selected users special access to this quiz”
  5. Click on Add Users to Special Access
‚ÄčAssigning Special Access by Section
  1. You’ll see a list of users. At the top, change the settings to “View by Sections” and choose a section
  2. Click Apply to show that section
  3. Click the top box of the user list so everyone in that section is selected
  4. Now set the dates and times for that section
  5. Click Add Special Access when you’re done
  6. Repeat this for each section

Be sure to click Save and Close when you are finished.