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Bulletin Board Posting Policy

All postings must be approved and stamped at the following locations:  Sarratt|Rand Information Desk, Student Life Center Front Desk, or Alumni Hall Front Desk.

Any posting not endorsed with a date stamp from a Student Center Front Desk will be removed.

Approved postings include those from student organizations or university departments for programs benefiting the Vanderbilt community. No commercial materials may be posted in the student centers.

All posting must identify the event, the event sponsor, and the time and date of the event.

Posting is only permitted on bulletin boards within the Student Centers. No posting is permitted on any painted surface, glass surface (including mirrors), door, or windows.

Maximum number of posters for each area is limited to one (1) poster per bulletin board. The maximum poster size allowed is 2′ x 3′.

Only thumbtacks are permitted on the bulletin boards – no staples, tape, or sticky tack please.

Please be respectful of one another in the posting process. Please do not cover other flyers; if there are outdated postings on the board, groups may remove them to hang new ones.

Posting is permitted beginning 2 weeks prior to the event date unless specifically approved by the facility staff.

All postings must be removed by the sponsoring organization no longer than two days after the event. All postings not removed by the organization or department will be removed by the facility staff.

If an organization or group continually violates the posting policy, it may lose the privilege of posting in the Student Centers and may incur further sanctions through the Dean of Students.

Only approved banners may be hung on the outside of Student Centers.

Please stop by the Sarratt|Rand Information Desk for the complete Banner policy.

Bulletin boards are located in the following areas:

Sarratt|Rand Student Center:

  • Bulletin Board 1 – on the 1st floor, outside of room 116
  • Bulletin Board 2 – on the 3rd floor, between the East and West wings
  • Bulletin Board 3 – on 3 upper, outside of the Overcup Oak on the landing
  • Bulletin Board 4 – on 3 upper, just inside the Overcup Oak doors

Student Life Center:

  • Bulletin Board 1,2,3 – on the 1st floor, outside of Board of Trust room.

*Alumni Hall policy TBA