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Vendor & Rentals

Student Centers reserves the right to approve any and all outside vendors for event support. Please consult with your event manager prior to contracting with any outside vendor.

If you have vendors/rentals at your event please work with your event manager to coordinate delivery/pick-up times. Final say on available delivery/pickup times will be determined by your event manager.

If you are having a vendor provide services/rentals at your event, you will need to have the vendor complete the Limited Premise Agreement (LPA) and provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance (COI) before event approval.  These documents are only needed once annually from a vendor, so please check with your event manager to ask if these have already been collected for this year before proceeding.  If your event manager requests the LPA and COI because we do not have them on file yet, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Forms page to retrieve a blank copy of the LPA and a template of what we are looking for in the vendor’s COI.  
  2. Send the LPA to the vendor to complete and request that they reply with the LPA and a copy of their COI.
  3. Once you have the files from the vendor, forward them to your event manager.
  4. The Student Centers team will file the COI and send the LPA to the Senior Director who signs on behalf of Vanderbilt.

See Risk Management section for more details about vendor requirements.