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Once you have reserved your space through Virtual EMS, the next step is to register your event in Anchor Link.  NOTE: To create and manage your event in Anchor Link, you must be an officer of your student organization or an administrator of your department’s Anchor Link page.  

The form to register your event will prompt you to enter information about where and when you are hosting your event, who is attending, for what purpose, and what activities are involved.  As details are entered, an approval process is set in motion, so you want to be as specific as possible when submitting your event to avoid any delays in approval. For events where minors will be present, where a film is being shown, or where any external vendors are bringing in equipment or services, you will need to indicate those details on your event registration and await the “thumbs up” approval on your event in Anchor Link.    

For assistance creating/registering your event in Anchor Link, please find these resources

For additional assistance with other feature of Anchor Link, please visit their page here:

Pro Tip: Campus can get very busy with activities, so while you are in Anchor Link, it is a good idea to go to your ideal event date and check out what else is already on the Anchor Link calendar.  If your proposed event date conflicts with another signature campus event, consider rescheduling or partnering up to minimize over-programming and increase attendance at your event.


Q: What if I don’t have access to book on behalf of my student org on Virtual EMS?

A: Virtual EMS access is tied directly into Anchor Link.  We cannot manually add a student to an organization’s EMS access group; the student must be added as an officer in Anchor Link by a current officer/admin.  Once Anchor Link is updated, it may take up to 24 hours for the systems to sync and allow access. You can get added by contacting the Office of Student Organizations and Governance:

Q: How far in advance do I have to add my event to Anchor Link?

A: As far in advance as possible.