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Scheduling and Collaborations

Please communicate with your Event Manager at least three weeks prior about any particular accommodations your guests may require.

Avoid scheduling events during major religious holidays and festivals, and be mindful of the global community

  • Check AnchorLink for upcoming events and Vanderbilt Events Calendar to determine potential conflicts

Consider connecting with other offices and integrating into existing events and programs to maximize attendance.

Accommodations Contact

Vanderbilt University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all events and programs. Accommodations such as accessible seating and presentation materials in alternate formats* are provided upon request.

Please contact Student Centers and speak with your Operations and Events Coordinator at or x22448. Every reasonable effort will be made to implement accommodations in an effective and timely manner.

*If food is being served, we recommend adding a third sample accommodation such as “adjustments due to dietary needs”.

**Accommodation requests received after the designated deadline may not be refused. Reasonable efforts should be made to provide the requested accommodations.