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Student Centers Event Space FAQs

  • Alumni Hall
  • Commons Center
  • Kissam Center
  • Sarratt|Rand Student Center 
  • Student Life Center
  • Benton Chapel
  • Engineering and Science Building | The Wondry
  • Some Meeting Rooms in Residential Colleges
  • Community Event Space 
  • Leadership and Service Space 
  • Multicultural Community Space
  • Setup/Teardown of In-House Equipment
  • Standard In-House Equipment (tables/chairs)
  • Ballroom includes Dance Floor/Stage
  • Built in AV (LCD TV or Projector/Screen)
  • Lectern/Podium Mic (in some spaces)
  • (1) A/V technician when needed or required
  • (1) Handheld or Lapel Microphone
  • Basic Housekeeping

Any charges from Plant Operations for groundskeeping, electrical, or move crew would be applicable, including tables, chairs, stages, tents, and sound equipment. If an AV technician is needed for an outdoor event, charges would apply.

Yes, there is a $50 charge to rent the sound system.

Additional housekeeping fees will apply for events that are overnight or extend longer than 8 hours. Additional fees may apply for extra load in time.

If your setup requirements involve equipment that needs to be rented from outside vendors, there will be extra charges. Tablecloths are an additional charge.

Equipment & Audio/Visual Rentals

A variety of equipment is available to rent in the Vanderbilt University Student Centers. Equipment must remain in the building and may not be rented for use outside of the Student Centers (exceptions do apply, please contact Student Centers for more information).

Standard Technician includes setup of basic lighting stage wash, assistance to hook up the client’s laptop to the projection system, and basic audio level adjustments of podium mic and laptop audio. Additional technical services such as specialty lighting, live streaming, multi-camera/computer video production, and large-scale audio require a consultation for pricing.

One AV technician is included. During the pre-planning process, the Production Services department will discuss with you appropriate staffing needs.

A single technician is included for your performance day and three rehearsals. Additional rehearsals or performances will be an additional charge.

Langford is a VUMC space and all charges would be applicable, including support from all AV technicians and equipment beginning on day one.

Student Organizations – Performing Arts Groups

All student groups will be charged a flat rate of $350 per reservation per day for the use of any production equipment in the space. The technology must be requested in the Virtual EMS reservation or outlined in the Performance Technical Sheet. Production Services will review each request to confirm availability and has the right to decline any technology request not in inventory during a specific date. The EMS confirmation will include the equipment requested and serve as the official documentation. The group will receive an updated confirmation at least 8 weeks prior to the event.

The equipment flat rate is separate from any technician pricing. One technician is included in the package. The Production Services team will review each request and decide if additional technicians are required for an event. The technician rate is $60/hr @ 3 hour minimum per day.

Examples of event requests that require an additional technician(s) for setup only or duration of the event.

  • Large-scale wireless microphones
  • Orchestra and band pit
  • Lighting Cues
  • Spotlights
  • Video playback
  • Camera Recording

*IMPORTANT: Groups do not decide if additional technicians are added to an event. This is at the sole discretion of Production Services. If the budget does not allow for additional technicians, the equipment associated with the technician will be removed from the reservation. For example, if the group did not budget for a lighting technician there will be no lighting cues or spotlights during the event.

By law, technicians are required to take a 30-minute break after every 6 hours of work. Please ensure this time is built into the rehearsal and event schedule.

The same guidelines apply to indoor events. Due to the physical nature of setting up outdoor events, we will staff at least one technician in addition to the package technician.

The $350 production flat fee is per day. The flat fee will apply for a max of four days for a multi-day event. The rate for additional technicians is $60/hr @ 3-hour minimum per day.

The Cinema, Rothschild Blackbox, and Langford (VUMC) are considered performance spaces because of the fixed seating. The Ballroom can also be considered a performance space because of its capacity and flexibility.

Rothschild Blackbox Theater is not reservable in Virtual EMS. A group must contact Student Centers to reserve this space. The group will be required to complete the Performance Technical Sheet before the confirmation is complete. Preference will be given to performance groups.

Contact if you'd like more information on reserving the Blackbox Theater

The VUMC Media Specialist at Langford Auditorium is responsible for reserving the space only, not technicians. Student Centers/Production Services is not responsible for reserving space at Langford. The Media Specialist will pass along the event dates, times, and contact information to Student Centers. We will reserve the audio and lighting technicians, and additional equipment and forward a confirmation with charges.

Contact Caroline Morris, Media Specialist, VUMC for more information

Reservation Link:

The pricing for Langford includes the use of all in-house audio, lighting, and video projection equipment in the main auditorium. Streaming requests are separate and require additional approval. The rental also includes the lobby, auditorium, green room, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and refreshment center (fridge and sink). Last, the Media Specialist serves as the House Manager for each event to ensure the safety and proper usage of the facility.

Langford has ten combo lavalier/handheld wireless mic kits that are included in the space rental. If additional units or equipment is required, Production Services will provide the units and the $350 flat fee will apply.

Please ensure this is listed in the Performance Technical sheet or production meeting. There is not additional charge for headset mics. However, it is first come-first serve.

As stated above, the technician rate is $60/hr @ 3-hour minimum per day. Remember, Langford does not provide technicians. This rate is billed by Students Centers. Langford will send over the confirmation (date, times, contact) and Production Services will forward a confirmation of charges.

Each group is allowed to provide one technician (lighting or audio) and is subject to the approval of the Media Specialist or Production Services team. Student Centers will provide the other technician(s).

Production Services does not provide laptops to display video content. Groups are responsible for providing a laptop and operator for the show. Technicians will supply laptops necessary to play audio files and technical notes.

Performance groups are required to submit all technical information via Vanderbilt Box. Not a Google Doc, Sheet, or email. Box provides an organized and consistent method for the Production Services team to collect and review the information.

Production Services gains access to each room at the time of your reservation. At that point, a minimum of 3-4 hours is needed to do the following tasks. The more complicated the show, the more pre-production time is required.

  • Physically focus lights
  • Program lighting cues submitted by the group
  • Load audio files to create markers (benefits the Stage Manager)
  • Load audio files for playback
  • Prep audio console and setup microphones
  • Setup stage with audio monitors and mic band instruments

It is imperative to build pre-production time into your rehearsal schedule.

Example: If the first day is 2pm-9pm. We need 2pm-6pm to setup and program before any rehearsals.

Key Dead Deadlines:

December 1st and May 1st – Submit an EMS request for a performance event the following semester.

8 Weeks in Advance- The Performance Request Sheet must be completed and submitted to the Production Services email (

21 Days in Advance- Groups are not allowed to request additional production equipment for an event.

14 Days in Advance- All performance technical information in Vanderbilt Box (lighting cues, audio, run of show) are due. NO EXCEPTIONS! Groups will face an event cancellation if they do not meet this deadline. The first rehearsal will be delayed beyond the original 3-4 hours of pre-production until this information is loaded and the technicians are prepped for your event.

  1. Ensure the Performance Technical Sheet is completed as thorough and soon as possible. Equipment is first come-first serve.
  2. Build a 30-minute break every 6 hours into the rehearsal and event schedule.
  3. Build 3-4 hours into the first day of your rehearsal schedule for all pre-production needs. Communicate with the technicians to see if they require more time.
  4. Submit all technical information by the 14-day deadline. If not, groups will face possible event cancellation. The first rehearsal will be delayed beyond the original 3-4 hours of pre-production until the show information is loaded and the technicians are prepped for your event.
  5. It is best if the rehearsal and show dates are back-to-back. It reduces production setup and saves on your budget.
  6. Keep us informed about rehearsals. For larger showcases, our department would love to attend a rehearsal to learn more about the show.
  1. The final version of the audio files should be sent in a MP3 or wav. format
  2. Directions for lighting cues are as if the person is standing on stage, facing the audience. To their right is Stage Right (SR). To their left is stage left (SL). While facing the audience, Upstage (US) will be behind them and Downstage (DS) will be in front of them. Centerstage(C) is at the center. A performer might also be upstage center (USC) or downstage Right (DSR), etc.
  3. It is important to have the final show order with the lighting cues. Do not put lighting cues in a spreadsheet! The cues need to be based on the final version of the song.
  4. Lighting cues should be written with a time reference if they accompany recorded sound. Cues should only include the time when the lights come up. The other lights will go out as the new ones come up. If you want to keep part of a look, but simply bring up more lights - use the word “add.
  5. Descriptive sentences or phrases can be helpful but not required.
  6. Example: This piece is moody and can be dark. A water effect. Specials are possible. A special is usually a pool of light distinct from the surrounding area.
  7. When describing where a special is desired, not only is the location (SL for instance) important, but an idea of the size is helpful. Special SL 1/2 the cast. Special at C for two dancers.
  8. Follow spots. There are none at Langford. So, no light will follow a moving person or object. Follow spots are an option in the SLC Ballroom and Cinema. Please indicate this information on the initial request.
  9. The Cyc (cyclorama) is the white screen Upstage (backwall). It can be lit in many colors.
  10. Some lights over the stage can have color applied. They can also move.
  11. The traditional lights that are hung over the audience are referred to as being at the Front of House (FOH) position. They are the lights that illuminate the performers' faces. Please contact Production Services with questions or concerns. Our goal is for you to have the best show possible!