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Room Rentals

There are many spaces available to rent in the Vanderbilt University Student Centers. Room rental rates are based on four levels of pricing: registered student organizations, university (for university-related business), non-profit (501c3), and public/business. Please see below for more information.

Off Campus Groups

  • Please contact us for rates – (615) 322-2448
  • You may also fill out a request for information by clicking here.

University Departments

  • University-related business only
  • Payment must be from a university account
  • Please review rates here

Student Organizations

***Beginning July 1, 2020 Student Organizations will no longer be charged fees for all basic

room reservations, housekeeping, set-ups, or production services for use of Student Centers space.***

  • Registered student organizations for university-related business only
  • Payment must be from a registered student organization account
  • See below for FAQs

Equipment & Audio/Visual Rentals

A variety of equipment is available to rent in the Vanderbilt University Student Centers. Groups are not allowed to bring in A/V equipment that the Student Centers already have in-house. Arrangements for use of equipment must be finalized two weeks prior to events in the large event spaces and five days for other meeting rooms. Equipment must remain in the building and may not be rented for use outside of the Student Centers (exceptions do apply, please contact Events at Vanderbilt for more information).


1. What spaces are considered Student Centers spaces?

  • Student Life Center
  • Alumni Hall
  • Sarratt|Rand Student Center
  • The Commons Student Center
  • The Engineering and Science Building | The Wondr’y
  • Residential Colleges
  • Kissam Center
  • E. Bronson Ingram
  • Zeppos
  • Community Event Space

2. What specifically is included with the space?

  • Setup/Teardown
  • Standard Equipment (tables/chairs)
  • Ballroom includes Dance floor/Stage
  • Built in AV (LCD TV or Projector/Screen)
  • Lectern/Podium Mic (in some spaces)
  • (1) A/V technician when needed or required
  • (1) Handheld or Lapel Microphone
  • Basic Housekeeping

3. What if my event is an outdoor space?

  • Any charges from Plant Operations for grounds keeping, electrical or move crew would be applicable, including tables, chairs, stages, tents, sound equipment. If an AV technician is needed for an outdoor event, charges would apply.

4. Will I be charged to rent a sound system from Sarratt or Commons?

  • Yes, there is a $50 charge to rent the sound system. 

5. What if our group is using a space for longer than 8 hours (or overnight) or requires extra load in time?

  • Additional housekeeping fees will apply for events that are overnight or extend longer than 8 hours.
  • Additional fees may apply for extra load in time. 

6. What if my setup request uses more equipment than what is included?

  • If your setup requirements involve equipment that needs to be rented from outside vendors, there will be extra charges.
  • Table cloths are an additional charge.

7. What if my event requires extra AV equipment (ie, multiple microphones)?

  • Any additional equipment needed for your event beyond what is included will be an additional charge
  • The mic pack has a daily rental of $200 and a weekly rental of $600.

     8.  What if my event requires an additional AV technician?

  • One AV technician is included. Should you require two technicians, there would be a charge for the second technician. 

9. What if my performance requires additional rehearsals, is the AV technician included?

  • A technician is included for your performance day and three rehearsals. Additional rehearsals will be an additional charge.  

10. What if my event is in Langford Auditorium?

  • Langford is a VUMC space and all charges would be applicable, including support from all AV technicians and equipment.