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Pricing Plans

Different pricing plans are assigned to campus departments and student organizations to best serve our clients and community. To inquire further, please contact Student Centers


University Departments and registered student organizations shall not use their privileges to access space, resources, or services and “front” for another campus organization, non-university group, or commercial entity to avoid fees or receive reduced fees. All instances of “fronting” for campus organizations, off-campus groups or commercial entities will result in an adjustment of all related fees to the appropriate rate category. (Section 3.4 of Student Centers Policies)

Determining the Event Host

Student Centers operates with tiered pricing based on the entity executing the event.  The following questions are asked by Student Centers staff at the time of reservation and/or during the event planning processing to determine the Event Host:

What organization…

  • Developed the idea for the event?
  • Ensured the event is congruent with the goals of the organization?
  • Been substantially involved in the execution of the event?
  • Funded the event?
  • Listed itself on advertisements?
  • Ensured a majority of attendees are members of its organization?
  • Assumed liability in case of risk or crisis?

If it is determined that multiple entities are executing the event, we may be able to split fees based on the appropriate pricing plan.

The following examples are not allowed to achieve a reduced rate.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but rather examples that we have seen in the past.

  • The use of a registered student organization’s name as a vehicle to reserve building space and services at a reduced rate or no cost.
  • An event that is reserved under a registered student organization but the student representatives are not an integral part of planning or in attendance.
  • Harassment or coercion of registered student organization leaders to misrepresent their organization for the benefit of a department and/or off-campus organization
  • An event that is reserved under a Student Affairs department but the student representatives are not an integral part of planning or in attendance.
  • Off-campus groups requesting space usage from on-campus groups to achieve a lower rate.