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Event Registration

Event Registration

The following Risk Management guidelines are designed to assist all Vanderbilt departments and Registered Student Organizations who wish to host events or activities that could be considered high risk in any space on campus. All events should be coordinated with the Student Centers office.

Special events by their very nature are not routine operations and therefore, the exposure to risk is increased. Accidents can involve injury or property damage, resulting in financial loss, reputational loss, interruption or cancellation of activity, and additional expenses such as emergency response. Ensuring a safe and successful event requires preparation and planning.

The following types of events must be registered through the event registration process in Anchor Link. 

  • Service of Alcohol
  • Concerts
  • Events with live animals
  • Events that involve minors that are NOT Vanderbilt students
  • Physical activities (such as inflatable games, dunk booth, amusement rides, vehicles, car smashes, carnival games)
  • Planned controversial presentations to large crowds
  • Multiple vendors/ exhibitors
  • Sporting events not sponsored by Athletics, or club sports (races, marathons, walk-a-thons, competitions)
  • Political rallies, protests, marches or debates
  • Festivals, fairs, exhibitions, carnivals, parades, conventions
  • Events open to the general public
  • Firepit
  • Food preparation not provided by Campus Dining or approved/preferred caterer (food trucks, other caterers, etc)

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