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Student Employment Overview



Welcome to our site– we’re so glad you visited!  Here at Student Centers, our goal is to curate a student employment experience unlike any other on Vanderbilt’s Campus.  Our students are responsible for staffing buildings all across campus that fall under the Student Centers department — Sarratt|Rand, Commons, Residential Colleges, the Student Life Center, Alumni Hall, and more! If you’re currently looking for an on campus job,  read more about our Positions and check out our FAQs.  When you’re ready, visit our Apply page for details on submitting your resume and application.  If you are just passing by with interest in our work, check out the Our Team page and email if you want to connect.

With more buildings and events to manage every year, the Student Centers department continues to rely on our incredible student employees.  We are so proud of our students and their behind-the-scenes work that adds to the campus hum of programs, events, and meetings. We believe in making student employment “more than a paycheck” and developing students for a lifetime of success after they leave our team.  Every year our graduating seniors and alumni tell us how they were able to use their work experience in their job and internship searches.  We truly aim to instill our learning outcomes and make room for you to grow while you work! For any more information or questions, please email us at