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Sales and Solicitation

  • Sale and/or promotion are limited to activities permitted under municipal, state, and federal laws, and of those, activities permitted by University policy. Individuals and groups must conform to local licensing laws and University trademark and licensing policies. Authorized sales and/or promotions must not disrupt the normal operation of the University. Vendors, promoters, and advertisers may neither claim, indicate, or imply University support, and must avoid the appearance of University endorsement.
  • Arrangements for sale of event tickets through the Sarratt Box Office may be made through the Reservations and Events office.
  • Arrangements for solicitation in Sarratt Center | Rand Hall or on Rand Terrace, by registered organizations or by University departments, are made with the  Reservations and Events office.
  • Registered student organizations may engage in the distribution of items for a suggested donation when the funds raised are for the use of the organization in its regular activities (including philanthropic efforts) and are deposited into the organization’s University account. Organizations undertaking such distribution must comply with University policies regarding the ordering of merchandise and licensing. With the exception of event tickets, organizations are prohibited from offering items for sale in a physical location. Locations for distribution for donation or sale must be arranged through the Reservations and Events office.

For more information, please visit the Sales, Solicitation, and Fundraising policies from the Vanderbilt University Student Handbook.