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Safety and Security

Will you need security or a VUPD officer?

  • Security is required for events at which alcohol is present, for large events, and for events open to the general public. Consult your event manager and VUPD (615-322-2745) to determine your specific needs, or inquire at the weekly Special Event Registration Committee meeting. Depending on the nature of the event, you may be allowed to hire private, third-party security, as opposed to uniformed VUPD officers. Both VUPD and private security can be arranged through VUPD.
  • Request VUPD Security for your event by completing this form

Having an event under a tent?

  • You may need a fire watch if you will have more than 300 attendees. Fill out the Fire Watch Personnel form below and we can determine your event’s specific needs.

AlertVU Public Portal

  • The Office of Emergency Management has provided the opportunity for non-affiliated community members to sign up to receive AlertVU notifications. AlertVU sends immediate messages to users in the event of an emergency that poses an imminent threat or danger to the Vanderbilt community via phone call, text, and/or personal email. Visit here to view FAQs and sign up for AlertVU.

For more information, please reference the Student Handbook