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This job looks like a pretty chill desk job…Is that true?

  • While there may be moments of chill time in each of our positions, we wouldn’t call any of our positions just a desk job.  You will have to get out of your desk chair to go complete event setups (moving tables and chairs around) and check in with clients (which involves talking to other humans, smiling, and being helpful).  Homework is permitted, but since you never know when you’ll have to hop up and help, we do not recommend regularly banking on getting homework done during your shift.

How much does the job pay?

  • Entry level positions begin at $8.00 or $8.50/hr, and each department offers room for advancement after a semester or more.  Our top tier Managers on Duty earn $10.00/hr. To read more about our positions and compensation, visit our Positions page.

How flexible is the schedule?

  • We pride ourselves on being able to work around your class schedules and co-curriculars, but y’all are busy people! And we do need to meet some minimum expectations of coverage.  Upfront, you’ll be asked how many hours per week you want to commit to working, and you’ll be held to that pretty closely throughout the semester. Our schedules are finalized 1 ½ weeks in advance.  There is another FAQ about time off after this, so read on if you’re interested…

Can I take time off?

  • Yes!  We ask that you make time off requests 2 weeks in advance.  Luckily, your biggest conflicts are probably academic and you get your syllabi early in the semester– that’s plenty of time to ask off for anything class-related.  Of course, things come up, and we’re very reasonable supervisors! There are certain busy days, weeks, or weekends (Reunion, Rites of Spring, etc.) when time off may be a little dicey.  Luckily, we have lots of student staff and pro staff, and there is almost always someone who can cover if you need help.