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Event Ticketing

Guidelines for Event Ticketing

  • Only currently registered Vanderbilt Student Organizations & Departments, and designated campus organizations are eligible to establish ticket sales.
  • Requests for ticketing can be made by filling out the ‘Request Event Ticketing’ form located on the Sarratt Box Office page in Anchor Link. Requests must be submitted by officers of the organization, or dept. representatives.
  • Requests should be submitted 3 weeks before the event date and 10 days prior to the requested on-sale date. The box office may not be able to provide all services to requests submitted past these deadlines, and reserves the right to decline these requests.
  • In addition to being put on by an approved group, events must meet the following guidelines to qualify for ticketing services:
    • The event must be held in a University facility or a venue contract must be presented in order to prove freedom in ticketing and capacity.
    • The event falls under one of a combination of the following descriptions: concert, speaker, lecture, dance, benefit, and/or performance. 
  • Ticket sales cannot be set up to sell t-shirts, candy, food, or other items. The box office manager reserves the right to deny the ticketing setup request.
  • In order to maintain events at a reduced rate for students, student organizations that receive Student Services Fee funding may charge no more than $5 for event attendance, with the exception of Rites of Spring, Commodore Quake, and Lights on the Lawn.
  • Pre-prints for a portion of tickets designated by a box office manager may be printed with a reasonable notice for an organization’s use. Sarratt Box Office cannot resell or refund tickets after printing.
  • Cancellations for ticketing setups and door sales made within 10 business days of the event will not refunded.

Fees for Ticketing/Services

  • Tickets sold through the Ticketweb website are subject to a credit card processing fee of approximately 3%.

Payment for Services

  • A Vanderbilt University COA string must be provided.
  • At the conclusion of the event, the box office will transfer funds from ticket sales via internal transfer or check in some cases. This process may take up to 4 weeks after the event date.
  • Some box office fees are billed separately (event door sales, staffing).

Hours of Operation

Monday – Sunday: 11am – 8pm


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