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Roles and Responsibilities

Question Type Contact Name & Email Phone Number
Auto, Property,General Liability Occurrences/Injuries Occurrence Reporting  
Auto ID Cards/MVRs/Driving on Behalf of VU Risk and Insurance
Bonds Risk and Insurance  
Certificates of Insurance Risk and Insurance  
Fine Arts Collection Stephanie Shipp 615-875-8063
Property Allocations Stephanie Shipp 615-875-8063
Protection of Minors Dawn Riddle  615-936-5935
Receiving subpoenas regarding the University - General Counsel Nancy Short 615-322-8613
Waivers - Office of the General Counsel Nora Brandon 615-322-5161
Workers' Compensation - Human Resources Tracy Woodard 615-343-3788
Workers' Compensation - Human Resources Patricia Parker  615-936-0865