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Special Event Registration Form

Contact Name Department
Phone Cell Phone
Email Address
Requester Affiliation
Event Name
Begin Date
Begin Time
End Date
End Time
Do you need Parking Spaces or Hangtags?
Number of Parking Spaces Needed Number of Event Hangtags Needed
Garage Requested
Parking lot(s) to be used for event
Parking lot(s) to be posted and barricaded
Posted Sign Verbiage
Account Number to be Charged Center Number
Must be a 10 digit number of the format x-xx-xxx-xxxx
Is special parking required for unloading/loading of equipment
Other needs/requests:
(Not to be used for Sign Verbiage)
Will Traffic and Parking Officers be required?
If yes - how many officers? (required)
Begin Date
Begin Time
End Date
End Time

    Special Events Price Estimate Worksheet

  Description: Price: # of Days Quantity Sub Total
  Reserved Parking Space(s) $ $
  Event Hangtag $ $
  T&P Officer (1 hour min.) $ (hours) $

  Total Estimate     $

Results will be sent automatically to the Parking Events Coordinator.
You will receive an email confirmation. Please PRINT the email confirmation for your records.

72 Hours Advance Notice Requested