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For Non-Degree Students

Certain immunizations are required for all students. If you are unable to obtain them prior to arriving on campus, you may be able to receive them from the Student Health Center. The health insurance plan offered by Vanderbilt provides coverage of most immunizations at little or no cost. For a list of required immunizations, please visit this link: Immunization Requirements

It is strongly recommended that students who need a Tuberculosis test receive one prior to arrival.

The Student Health Center Form must be completed and submitted to the Student Health Center with vaccination or waiver information.

Exchange and non-degree seeking students who will attend Vanderbilt for the semester, academic year, or longer will be automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan with AHP. Waivers of participation in this plan are generally not approved unless a student provides proof of a comparable US-based employer plan. For more information on the plan, please refer to this overview.

Dental and vision coverage is included in the Student Health Insurance Plan.