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Setting Up Your Housing

Once you find a place to live, you may need to contact some of the service providers below to turn on or install their services.  If renting, you may ask your landlord about certain utilities.


Nashville Electric Service (electricity)
Call to have the electricity in your home or apartment turned on.  Typically you will have to pay a deposit to start electric services.

Nashville Gas Company (gas) 615-262-0545
Only if appliances in your home use gas to operate (stove, furnace, etc.) you will need to have the gas line opened to your home or apartment.  Ask your landlord if you are unsure whether your utilities use gas or electric power.

Metro Water Services (water)
Contact to have the water lines to your home or apartment opened.  Typically you will have to pay a deposit to start service.

Television Service

Comcast Cable TV Service

Dish Network Satellite TV Service

Direct TV Satellite TV Service


Trash Service

Some houses outside of the metropolitan area require private trash pick-up at an additional cost.  When renting/purchasing your place, be sure to inquire about trash services. Davidson County issues curbside pickup trash and recycling bins for free to most residences.

Homeowners Insurance

If you’re planning to own a home, it may be necessary to purchase homeowners insurance.Click here for a guide to some of the best homeowners insurance.

Purchasing Furniture

There are a wide variety of local stores and websites that provide home furnishing options. Here is a list of popular options:




Salvation Army


Vanderbilt Classifieds

IKEA (Atlanta)

CORT-Furniture Rental