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English Language Support & Services

Vanderbilt English Language Center

The Vanderbilt English Language Center (ELC) provides a wide range of English language support courses for individuals who use English as an additional language. ELC Community Support programing includes chatELC and General English for Spouses/Partners. For more information about other services, contact the ELC.

chatELC is a program designed to support the development of English fluency, situational English, and culturally-related communication of spouses and partners of current Vanderbilt students, faculty, and staff through semi-structured English conversation groups. The conversation groups are led by members of the Vanderbilt community and meet during fall, spring, and summer semesters when there is sufficient interest.

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General English for Spouses/Partners (GES) is a free course for VU community spouses and partners who use English as an additional language with a novice to intermediate proficiency develop functional oral language skills commonly used in social situations through a series of listening, speaking, and reading activities.

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Community Organization & Conversation Groups

American Conversation Partners is a no-cost conversational English program in which international students and spouses are matched with an American college student or volunteer who will help them improve their conversational skills. They meet on Mondays at 6:45-8 p.m. at Asaph’s Chamber, Belmont Church 1004 16th Ave. S, Nashville 37203. Light refreshments are served and registration is recommended. For more information, email Richard or Mary Barnes at

Nashville Adult Literacy Council offers beginner level classes, small groups, and one-on-one instruction to Davidson County adults aged 18 and over who would like to improve their English communication skills. There is an initial assessment required. For more information, email

Tennessee Language Center offers structured classes in advanced conversation in real-life situations, as well as grammar, writing, pronunciation, and TESL preparation for a fee.

Nashville Public Library offers many resources and events for ESL classes.

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