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Transfer Out Procedures

Student Transfer Out From Vanderbilt

  • Student should receive information from the new school’s International Student Adviser; typically includes a SEVIS transfer form
  • Student informs Vanderbilt International Student Adviser of intent to transfer by completing the Transfer Out request in the ISSS Portal. This requires uploading a copy of the new admission letter and SEVIS transfer form from new school, if applicable.
    • Vanderbilt International Student Adviser determines transfer eligibility, completes transfer form, enters transfer request into SEVIS database, and sets the SEVIS Release Date.
    • New School (“Transfer in” school) issues a new I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1)

Scholar Transfer Out From Vanderbilt

  • Complete Transfer Out request and upload offer or appointment letter from new school with brief statement of what you will be doing there
  • An ISSS adviser will confirm with your current supervisor that you have permission to transfer
  • An ISSS adviser will also confirm with your current supervisor that the research you will do at the new institution will be similar to what you are currently doing at Vanderbilt
  • An ISSS will review your Departure Form, offer/appointment letter, and information from your current supervisor to determine if you are eligible for transfer.
  • If you have any questions please contact