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What is MoveVU?

MoveVU is Vanderbilt’s strategic transportation and mobility plan that falls under the FutureVU comprehensive campus planning efforts. MoveVU goals align with FutureVU guiding principles to beautify the campus, preserve and enhance the park-like character people enjoy, create a walkable and sustainable campus and better connect areas of campus that feel disconnected. MoveVU calls for diversification of transportation options, reduction of the drive alone rate to campus that aligns with university goals to become carbon neutral, prioritization of pedestrian and micromobility, and improvement of accessibility.

MoveVU aims to give commuters more options to choose from when making their daily decision on how they will travel to and from campus. MoveVU’s programs aim to provide Vanderbilt commuters with more choices beyond driving alone to campus and using a traditional annual parking permit.

Person riding a bike past a building on campus

MoveVU Programs

Vanderbilt is a leader in transportation initiatives and regional commuting needs and has successfully implemented programs and benefits for its community, including: 

  • Commute Concierge – personalized consultations are available to the Vanderbilt community on using public transit, identifying bicycle amenities on campus, Lyft Ridehail Partnership, sustainable commute routes, and more. 
  • Sustainable commute incentives eligible commuters can earn a daily incentive each time they choose a sustainable commute over driving alone to campus. 
  • Free bus rides – Vanderbilt’s program provides all full-time and part-time Vanderbilt University students, faculty, staff and postdocs with free access to WeGo local buses, regional buses and the WeGo Star with their physical Commodore Card. This service is available for any place and time, not only when commuting to and from campus. 
  • Guaranteed Ride Home – eligible commuters who take a sustainable commute to campus receive a free Lyft ride home in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. 
  • Daily Parking program – participants pay only for days that they park on campus, which allows a daily choice in commute method and incentivizes the use of sustainable commutes. 
  • Commute Calculator – a personalized assessment of the best parking program to enroll in based on number of days on campus, salary band, and sustainable commute choices.  
  • Commute data – an annual assessment of faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate and professional students’ commute habits, which tracks current mode share rates, and informs future goals. 

What are the benefits of taking sustainable commute modes?

  • Helping Vanderbilt achieve its sustainability goals by driving to campus less often, which means less carbon emissions from transportation and improved air quality
  • Improving health and wellness by taking more active commutes
  • Having more transportation options than simply driving alone and the ability to choose daily how you will travel to campus