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RSO and Adviser Trainings

Welcome to our Student Organization Leader and Adviser Training Webpage.  Here you will find information that will help Organization Officers, Faculty and Staff manage their student groups.  There  This page will continue to include updated trainings and documents as they become available.  Please check back for updated information.

Upcoming Trainings

SOLS will host multiple trainings  for student organization leaders that cover essential information to help them effectively manage their students groups, complete their mission, and successfully carryout organization activities.  Below is a description of the trainings offered.  Student Officers are encouraged to reach out to SOLS to request trainings that specifically speak to their organization’s needs.

START Training

START is a basic student leader training that introduces all student org leaders to the resources that assist student engagement.  Participants leave this training with a fundamental understanding of the departments and services that they may reach out to for support.  Additionally, student organization leaders will learn about tools that they may use to assist with their day-to-day management of their organization.

Training Dates:

  • Feb 6 – 12:30 – 1:45pm (In-Person) – Leadership and Service Space
  • Feb 28 – 4:00 – 5:30pm (Virtual): Recorded here

Student Org Finance Training

Student Org Finance Training will cover the best financial practices for all student organization leaders including treasurers and student org leaders that manage funding for their organizations.  Topics covered will include but are not limited to student services fee funding, student org purchasing, advisor approval, anchor link and other finance-related items.

Training Dates:

  • Feb 20 – 12:30 – 1:45pm (In-Person) – Leadership and Service Space
  • Mar 6 – 4:00 – 5:30pm (Virtual): Recorded here
RSO Training Information
START Student Leader Basic Training (Spring 2024): PowerPoint | PDF Version | Video
Student Org Finance Training (Spring 2024): PowerPoint | PDF Version | Video
Marketplace: Marketplace
RSO Finance Information
Viewing Org Finances In Anchor Link: Webpage (Note: must have appropriate Anchor Link access)
Relevant  Gifts/ Prizes Documents: Tax Tracking Form | Prizes and Awards to Nonresidents
Anchor LInk
Anchor Link Resources: Resources
RSO Adviser Training Info
Adviser Training: Presentation Format | PDF Version
Marketplace: Webpage
Protection of Minors
POM Policy Handbook: Webpage | PDF Version
Protection of Minors Overview: PDF Version
Checking for Personnel Compliance on POM WebApp: Video | PDF Version
Protection of Minors: RSO Online Events Guidance 2021-2022