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How to Make Deposits

 Deposit Funds

Email Mark Leners at with your RSO’s deposit information.  It must include the following:

  • Name of Organization
  • Task number or COA string
  • Amount of deposit
  • How the revenue was earned
  • Your name and best way to contact you
  • Date of deposit

IF YOUR DEPOSITS ARE CHECKS – Checks should be made payable to Vanderbilt University. The specific organization task number should be written in the endorsement section of the back of the check leaving room for the endorsement stamp. Mail or hand deliver check deposits to Sarratt 207 during regular business hours.

IF YOUR DEPOSIT IS CASH – you must go to Sarratt 207 during regular business hours to complete the deposit process.

*If all of the steps are not completed, we cannot guarantee that the deposit made will make it to your organization.

If you have any questions, please email Mark at the email listed above.

Tax Exemption

All retail sales of tangible personal property are subject to state and local sales tax, unless specifically exempted by statute. Most purchases made by Vanderbilt University are exempt from sales and use tax. For the transaction to be exempt, the property must be for use within the confines of our exempt purposes. The most recent Tax Exempt Certificate from the Tennessee Department of Revenue can be downloaded here: Tax Exempt

Purchases made by individuals using their personal funds for which they expect to receive reimbursement are discouraged. If a member of a student organization purchases an item with individual funds, although it is for Vanderbilt use, sales tax must be paid. When the student  is reimbursed for this expense, the University indirectly pays the sales tax associated with the transaction. This increases the cost to Vanderbilt by 9.25%.