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Financial FAQs

To support the initiatives of Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Vanderbilt can establish an account for the RSO called a task number.  Funds in the organization centers are available for use by the organization, subject to University policies and procedures.


How Does My Organization Get Funding?

Newly Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may review the information below for funding sources:

Student Services Fee

  • As part of standard tuition and fees, each Vanderbilt student pays a Student Services Fee. The fee collected helps support RSOs. A portion of the Activity Fee is allocated to RSOs through the Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) Student Organization Funding Committee. RSOs are eligible to apply for Student Organization Funding each spring semester for the following academic year;
  • All student organizations are split into six subcategories: Arts, Cultural, Programming, Religious, Service, and two subcommittees for Special Interests. Make sure you are listed as an officer on Anchor Link to keep up with all the updates during the process. Information will be provided through the Anchor Link Leaders listserv. NOTE: to be added to the Anchor Link listserv, please fill out the appropriate form on the Anchor Link page;
  • For the most updated information on Student Services Fee allocation and for deadlines on application submissions, please go to the VSG Student Services Fee website.

Other Funding

  • A limited amount of additional Student Organization Funding is available for new or unique initiatives from existing RSOs or for new organizations not able to apply for Student Organization Funding through the Student Organization Fund’s Contingency Fund.  The form is available on the Anchor Link page for the Student Organization Funding Committee.
  • VSG Co-sponsorship: VSG has a limited amount of co-sponsorship funding available to RSO’s for program initiatives.  Forms are available on the VSG Anchor Link page.
  • Graduate Student Council (GSC): offers a limited amount of funding for graduate student organizations. Contact the GSC President at for more information.

Depositing Funds into the RSOs Center

  • An organization may collect money through fundraisers, dues, ticket sales, or similar activities. Funds (cash and checks) collected in this manner should be deposited as soon after collection as possible. Organization monies should not be kept in your personal possession.

Making deposits into your RSOs COA

  • Fill out the RSO Deposit Form here: RSO Deposit Form;
  • Print 2 PDF versions of the form. The first form should be submitted with your deposit and the second form will be initialed by the person receiving the deposit and returned to you for your records;
  • Bring the form to the Sarratt 207 between 8:30 am and 4 pm (Mon-Fri) to give to Mark Leners ( for processing;
  • All checks should be made out to Vanderbilt University; in the memo line please write the name of the RSO;
  • When a check is being deposited, you will need to write the following in the “Endorsement” area on the back of the check: Name of the RSO, Account Number, RSO Task Number;
  • Mark Leners will keep one deposit form and initial the second one for your records as proof of deposit.

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How Do I Pay for Expenses Associated with My Organization?

Organizational funds can be used to pay for expenses related to organization activities.  This includes expenses from within Vanderbilt and expenses associated with outside vendors.  Expenses are generally associated with organization events, meetings and programs.

Student organizations can pay for things in three primary ways:

  • Procurement Card (P-card): A P-card is a credit card issued by Vanderbilt for the purpose of paying for expenses related to Vanderbilt departments and student organizations. P-cards may be checked out through a variety of offices.  Please contact your coach to identify the affiliated office for the student organization to check out a P-Card.  If you have any questions, please contact;
  • For a list of office contacts responsible for the P-card check-out process, view P-Card Office Contacts.

E-Procurement must be used to pay for Speakers and Performers

  • When bringing a speaker or performer to campus a student organization must utilize the Vanderbilt Performers Agreement template(used by procurement and DOS designee);
  • Speakers and Performers will not be paid until the agreement has been completed and signed by Vanderbilt procurement;
  • Requests for speakers or performers should be made at least 6 weeks in advance.

Reimbursement for Expenses while Traveling

  • Flights cannot be purchased by students. Flights cannot be reimbursed. For student org travel, please fill out the Travel Request Form on Anchor Link.
  • Completion of the travel form requires the inclusion of itemized receipts for all expenses being reimbursed.
  • All student purchases while traveling must first receive advisor approval. Follow the expense reimbursement process in Oracle upon your return. For additional details, please visit:

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How does my organization apply for Student Services Fee funding?


  • RSOs are eligible to apply for Student Services Fee funding in the spring semester of each academic year;
  • The funding granted in the spring is applicable the following academic year (year in which the funding would be used);
  • Application information and deadlines is available on the Student Services Fee website;
  • Groups are required to keep diligent records (including tracking attendance through Anchor Link events) of each expenditure for each event in order to apply for Student Services Fee.


  • Student Services Fee funding is allocated to RSOs at the beginning of each semester;
  • Organizations receive half in the fall semester and half in the spring semester.

NOTE: Funding can only be distributed to RSOs with a task number.


  • In general, Student Services Fee funding is allocated to student organizations that sponsor events open to the entire campus.
  • For more detailed criteria, go to the Student Services Fee Committee Anchor Link page and view the “Documents” section.

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We Want To Do A Fundraiser or Solicit Area Businesses. How Can We Do That?

Information about fundraising and the solicitation of area businesses can be found in the Student Handbook.  You may fill out a proposal for your fundraising initiative on the Student Orgs & Anchor Link page under “Forms”.

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What Role Does My Coach Play?

RSO Coaches provide institutional knowledge about University policies, guidance on leading your student organization, and serve as the authority and authorizing signature on financial matters in your organization. They should be consulted for event planning, making purchases, and advice on the overall goals of the organization.  Coach approvals are needed on the following :

  • P-card: Your coach must email the appropriate person in order to request use of the p-card on your behalf 24 hours prior to your need to use it;
  • RSO Registration: Your advisor must sign-off in agreement to your organizations constitution and affirm that your group will comply with University policy, including the Non-Discrimination Policy.

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I Need to Do A Budget.  Where Do I Get Started?

When considering your budget for the year, keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure that your programming initiatives align with the mission of your organization;
  • Be fully aware of how much funding the RSO has in the account at all times;
  • Monitor expenditures in Anchor Link.

When developing event budgets, keep the following in mind:

  • Some rooms are free but may have charges for housekeeping, room set-up, A/V equipment, etc.;
  • Most outside spaces are free, but you may be charged for set-up, depending on the event needs;
  • Do not depend solely on co-sponsorships to fund events;
  • If the RSO receives Student Services Fee funding, be sure you are aware of what your organization committed to spend in the Student Services Fee application.

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Are My Purchases Tax Exempt?

As an RSO, your organization is considered to be a part of Vanderbilt and as such is afforded use of Vanderbilt’s tax exemption.  In order to make purchases, you must physically have the Tax Exempt Certificate with you at the time of the purchase whether you are using your own money or the p-card.  If you are using your own money, please note that you will not be reimbursed for taxes you paid on supplies for your organization.  A link to the Tax Exempt Certificate is here: Tax Exempt Certificate.

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