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Student Involvement

Welcome to our Student Involvement Portal.  This is a student’s gateway to getting involved on campus if they are not sure what organization(s) they would like to join.  While academic performance is vital to the success of our students at Vanderbilt, we also believe that their co-curricular and extra-curricular involvement play a crucial role in their social, professional, and life-long development.  Student organizations are catalysts for change in our community as well as connecting our students.  We want to ensure their involvement in our community is meaningful and beneficial to them.

How Does Student Involvement Portal Work?

Simply complete our Student Involvement Appointment Form on Anchor Link to get started.  Students will need to log into Anchor Link to submit the form.  It should provide us with information about your interests, goals, and other topics that applicants wish to share .  Through this form, they will also set their appointment to meet.  Once the form is completed, a staff member from the Office of Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service will reach out, confirm their availability, and set a meeting.

What Happens At The Meeting?

Prior to the meeting, a Staff Member will review the form and seek out information about student groups that meet the applicants’ interests.  During the meeting, they will have an opportunity to ask questions about involvement at Vanderbilt and the organizations that match their interests.  This conversation will help them navigate ways to get involved on campus and connect them to active members of the Vanderbilt Community.

What Happens After The Meeting?

Participants may consider themselves connected! By the end of the meeting, participants should know the following:

  • How to navigate the organization directory in Anchor Link to help you seek out student groups;
  • How to explore our office website to learn how these organizations are supported and to find information about getting involved on campus;
  • Information about student organizations that align most with their interests and goals based on their conversation with a staff member;
  • Have a better understanding of their interests and involvement goals;
  • A Staff Member that will support them as they find their home away from home at Vanderbilt.

A Staff Member will set up an e-introduction between the participant and the organization’s president to begin building their relationship.  The Staff Member will also follow up two weeks after the meeting to see how their engagement experience is going.  Please note that our office representatives will make themselves available to support students after this meeting and would be more than happy to arrange follow appointments if further involvement exploration is needed.

Also, questions may be directed to .