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Leadership Eligibility

Eligibility Standards for Student Leadership Positions

  • A student must be full time and not on academic or disciplinary probation to be eligible to hold leadership position, including (but not limited to) officer positions in registered student organizations or roles as Admissions Tour Guides, VUceptors, Resident Advisors, or president (or comparable position) of a registered student organization or Vanderbilt Student Communications division.
  • For undergraduates, full-time registration is defined as being registered for, and carrying, at least twelve hours per semester during the regular academic year, or nine hours in the summer;
  • Undergraduate student leaders must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to maintain their positions;
  • Student organizations or their governing bodies or University departments may set eligibility standards that exceed these minimum standards, as long as such eligibility standards comply with the University’s nondiscrimination policy;
  • Requests for exception or waiver of eligibility regulations should be made to the Dean of Students with the recommendation of the appropriate governing body, if applicable;
  • If a student’s participation in co-curricular endeavors threatens academic performance, the University may counsel the student about the scope of these activities. In addition, restrictions may be placed on a student’s participation in University co-curricular activities for the duration of a disciplinary sanction.

Eligibility Standards for Students Acting as University Representatives

To be eligible for participation in any contest or activity other than a social one, or to act as a representative of Vanderbilt in any public exercise, a student must be a full-time student of the University (as determined by the academic policies of the school in which he or she is registered).

All of this information is also available in the “Student Engagement” section of the Student Handbook.  Please connect with us at if you have any questions.