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Student Organization Registration

All organizations must renew their registration annually in order to be recognized by the University as a registered student organization (RSO). Failure to renew your registration annually by the deadline, will result in your organization having their accounts frozen.  This status will prevent them from having access to their funds, reserving room spaces, or participating in the student involvement fair.  If you have not registered for the upcoming year, please contact

Registration must be completed by an INCOMING officer who will hold their position in the new academic year. To learn about the benefits of being a registered student organization (RSO), click here.

For more information about how to complete the registration process, click here.

Our Mission

The Office of Student Organizations strives to encourage co-curricular learning and personal development through intentional student engagement. Student Organizations connect the campus community by highlighting opportunities for meaningful involvement and helping students engage with tools to help manage and track the co-curricular student experience. We support the mission-driven work of student organizations and seek to equip student leaders with vital skills and resources in order to make their organizations more effective, inclusive, impactful, and sustainable.

In order to support and centralize student engagement across campus, our office will:

  • Oversee the registration process for Vanderbilt’s 500+ registered student organizations
  • Assist student organizations with accessing and managing their finances
  • Support the Student Service Fees (SSF) allocation process for student organizations
  • Educate student leaders about Vanderbilt University policies and support compliance efforts
  • Provide online resources to student organization leaders and advisors
  • Offer opportunities for training and leadership development through the START student leader workshops
  • Directly advise Vanderbilt Student Government, and the Black Student Association.
  • Provide advisory support to various student organizations
  • Host the annual Student Involvement Fair
  • Conduct campus-wide elections such as Vanderbilt Student Government, Outstanding Senior, and Young Alumni Leader.

Contact Us

If you have questions about student organizations at Vanderbilt:

If you have questions about Anchor Link:

For staff member contact information, please visit our Meet Our Staff page.