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Student Involvement Fair

Student Involvement Fair takes place annually on the first Friday of the academic year from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Recreation and Wellness Center.

This event is a great opportunity for incoming and returning students to connect with many student leaders, discover over 300 organizations they might want to join, and become a part of a community that best aligns with and will also challenge students’ personal values! It is also our hope that through this event, Student Organization Leaders retain the opportunity to successfully meet their mission objectives and continue to expand the community that contributes to the fabric of our Vanderbilt community.

Organizations from the following categories will be participating:

  • Arts/Programming
  • Club Sports
  • Cultural
  • Greek Life (Fraternities/Sororities)
  • Religious
  • Service
  • Special Interest

Event Details

  • Rec. Center Address: 2700 Children’s Way – Nashville, TN 37212
  • Bring your phone to tap in at the entrance through the Southeastern Conference lobby closest to 25th Ave. SOLS staff will be present at the check-in table & throughout the building to welcome you and answer questions.  
  • The organization categories will be color-coded on the organization list and on the area map. There will be signage posted in each room with the organization categories. See the list below! 
  • Follow instructions on traffic flow directional signage throughout the building.
  • Please drop by the Information Tables if you have any questions.
  • Connect with all of the organizations that you are interested in and learn more about them at their tables.
  • Follow us on Instagram for event updates!

Student Involvement Fair Map & Participating Organizations

This year, our event will take place in the Rec Center, which will have this year’s participating organizations in various spaces throughout the building.  We will have student groups on the main and second levels.  The organization categories and locations are available on the map below.  Please reference the list of participating organizations below to view the groups by category.

Organizations currently signed up for the Student Involvement Fair

This year, the list of organizations who submitted their RSO registration and confirmed attendance to this event can be found above, organized by category.  If your organization is not listed and you would like for them to attend the fair, please check to see if:

  • Your organization completed its RSO registration on Anchor Link
    • If so, check to see if the registration was submitted by clicking on the “Submissions” option on Anchor Link (click on your initial or picture on the top right side of the page).  Note: This must be done by the person who made the submission.  If not completed, please complete the form and make sure to check “Yes” when asked about the Student Involvement Fair.  This must be completed and submitted by August 11th in order for your organization to participate in the fair.
    • To complete registration, student leaders must have admin access to their group’s page and must log in to Anchor Link with their VUNetID and password.
    • Once logged in, click on the “Manage Organization” button on the top right side of the page, and a blue button labeled “Re-register Organization” should appear in the middle of the page.
    • Click on the button, read all of the instructions, and follow the steps provided carefully.
  • Your organization checked “No” on a completed and submitted registration form.
    • If your organization checked “No” to the Student Involvement Fair but would actually like to attend, please make sure to complete your organization’s RSO registration and the 2023 Student Involvement Fair Participation Form by August 11th.

Helpful Tips for Hosts:

  • Have your laptop(s) and other electronic items fully charged before arriving since no one will have access to electrical power.
  • Create a trifold highlighting information about your organization’s mission, goals, and accomplishments.
  • Have digital flyers (QR Codes) ready with information about how to get involved and upcoming meetings and events.
  • Wear branded apparel or coordinated items and name tags to make it clear which organization you are with.
  • Make a plan for how you will make students interested in coming to your table (ex., giving away individually wrapped swag, etc.)
  • Please use all available trash bins to dispose of any garbage or unwanted items.
  • Create an Excel document that captures students’ email addresses.  The contents of that document could be used to add members to your organizations in Anchor Link.  Please visit the Roster section in the Anchor Link Resources site for information about adding members to your organization’s Anchor Link page.