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Policy Implementation Guide and Best Practices

To assist Program Coordinators and other Supervisors in policy implementation, we have created a Best Practices guide. Please click on the image below to access the document in .pdf format. The contents are listed under the image.

2015 Guide Cover

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse
Code of Conduct for Interacting with Minors
Risk Assessment Matrix for Programs and Operations
Checklist for Programs
Section I          Programs Serving Minors Objectives and Operations
1.01        Staff Selection and Screening    
1.02        Program Culture and Leadership
1.03        Reporting Obligations and Code of Conduct
1.04        Minor Participant Orientation, Behavior, and Discipline
1.05        Program Personnel Behavior
1.06        Training beyond POM
1.07        Scheduling and Transitions
1.08        Supervision
1.09        Overnight Programs and Minors
1.10        Transportation
1.11        Facilities and Site Selection
1.12        Emergencies
1.13        Accidents and Injury
1.14        Occurrence Reporting to Risk Management
1.15        Federal Regulatory Compliance Related to Minors in Programs
1.16        Records and Document Storage and Retention
Section II         Policy Compliance and Risk Management
2.01        The Registration Process
2.02        Personnel Compliance and Departmental Responsibilities 
2.03       Compliance Requirements for Program Invited Guests/Visitors
2.04       Risk Assessment
Section III        University Participation Agreements (Waiver and Release of Liability)
3.01        Contents of University Participation Agreements
3.02        Vanderbilt Protection of Minors Provision
Section IV        Third Party Activities and Events on Campus
4.01        Registration with Risk and Insurance Management
4.02        Contracts with Third Party Groups
4.03        Participation Agreements and Waiver Forms for Third Party Contracts
4.04        Protection of Minors Compliance of Third Party Personnel
Section V         Public Events
5.01        Registration with Risk and Insurance Management Not Required
5.02        Risk Mitigation at Public Events When Minors are Present
Section VI        Closing the Program/Event
Section VII       Admissions, Campus Visits, Tours, and Residence Hall Minor Overnight Guest Registration
7.01        Admissions Visits
7.02        Overnight stays of individual minor guests of VU students in VU Residence Halls
7.03        Registered Student Organizations - Anchor Link