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Student Organization Policies

Student Handbook Policies for Student Organizations
 | Alcohol Policies | Use of Vanderbilt Name or Trademarks on T-shirts and Other Promotional Giveaways | Donation Drives | Travel

Student Handbook Policies for Student Organizations

The following policies in the Vanderbilt Student Handbook apply to Registered Student Organizations:

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Alcohol Policies

For official alcohol policies for student organizations and events, please refer to the section of the student handbook titled “Alcohol and Controlled Substances” . For any questions about the University’s alcohol policies or to schedule Host Responsibility Training, contact the Office of Wellness Programs and Alcohol Education.  

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Use of Vanderbilt Name or Trademarks on T-shirts and Other Promotional Items

Office of Trademark LicensingStudent organizations wishing to use Vanderbilt University’s marks on t-shirts or other giveaways must follow the University’s Trademark Licensing Policy.

Please note:  T-shirts and other promotional items cannot be ordered with a Vanderbilt “P-card or One Card”.  The steps below must be followed!

  • Fill-out the on-line Merchandise Request Form (this will require that you have your design ready);
  • Decide which licensed supplier (using an approved vendor is required) you are going to use. Click here to review the current list of approved vendors;
  • Finalize shirt type, sizes and design with supplier;
  • Have the supplier provide a quote via email;
  • Send the quote to your coach first;
  • Allow the coach to identify available resources for assistance with Oracle ordering (to create a purchase requisition in the Vanderbilt Oracle system). The Merchandise Order Request Number (MOR#) given by the Trademark Office must be entered on the Oracle requisition in a comment box;
  • Once the requisition is approved through the Vanderbilt Procurement Department, the Coach (or designee creating the purchase requisition) should pass the purchase order number (different from MOR#) along to the supplier;
  • The vendor can then process the order and send an invoice for payment to Vanderbilt’s Disbursement Department. That invoice should be sent to;
  • If additional resources are needed for assistance with ordering through Oracle, contact your departmental administrative staff to request assistance.
  • After all of the above instructions are followed, if assistance is still needed, administrative staff in the Office of the Dean of Students can assist;
  • Please Note: If your organization is a Fraternity or Sorority, you may download and follow these guidelines on Ordering Promotional Items.

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Donation Drives

Please review the Office of Housing and Residential Education’s donation drive policy before planning a drive in the Residence Halls.

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