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Access Your Task Number

  1. Go to the toolbar on the left-side of your screen and click the Gear icon next to your organization.
  2. Click Finance
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Click the hyperlink for your organization’s name.
  5. Now you can see the Account Details page. Note: Your organization’s “External Account ID” is your organization’s Task Number.

View your Transactions

From the Account Details page under Finance, you can view your organization’s Transactions. To view additional details about a transaction, click on the blue transaction number. The following information should be displayed:

  • Trans # – This is a unique number assigned to the transaction within Anchor Link
  • Amount – the dollar value of the transaction (payments will be in parentheses)
  • Originating Acct – not utilized at this time
  • Date – date the transaction was imported into Anchor Link
  • Transaction – the type of transaction
  • Type – budget type assigned to the transaction by Vanderbilt
  • Category – Date of Transaction
  • Memo – short description of the transaction
  • Payee/Source – Name of the Organization

View your Purchase Requests

When you select Finance from your Organization Tools, you will be brought to the Purchase Request page. All purchase requests will be listed in this area so you can see the requests that are still pending.

Additional Information

For more information about making purchase requests, reimbursements, fundraising, or any other questions about student organization financial management, please go the Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service’s finance page.